Beyondadoubt more Beyondadoubt more Martin mull, it's music mon! Laura veirs has a new album being released august 20, and the first song from warp and weft Pandora Rings Australia appear in the various farflung corners of the internet.Be conscious of"Sun tune, a yummy bit of country tinged folk, with veirs' certain, calm singing holding down the pillars of a gorgeous generation, including a string section and a guest vocal from neko case.This is perfectly lovely.Veirs will do a global tour following warp and weft's release, playing a hometown show at the doug fir on tuesday, september 5. Strfkr a bad press lately remixed the fine wampire track"Orchard, from wampire's debut album being nosy.It's a lovely remix, blurring the perimeters of the already wistful track, prettying it up with a pulsing synth sound and adding safeguard the delicate distinctive, danceable strfkr process.It's a huge title of track, a complete hit in the making.Wampire play holocene on sunday, july 3 with onuinu before heading out while traveling with smith westerns for a month long national jaunt. Beyondadoubt(Sometimes referred to as dj beyonda)Has been commonplace in the dj scene here in portland she holds down the monthly i've got a hole in my soul party, she's a citizen dj at ecstasy, she's spun at patio furniture from rock shows to bounce parties to the mercury fashion show.Let me suggest beyonda's first single,"9Inch pumps, With vocals from Niyi and extra production from Miracle's Club's Rafael Fauria.Is actually a hard, metallic dance track evoking the era of classic chicago house an excellent comedown from an overloaded weekend of pride festivities. Click the jump for audio from lord dying, umo, melville, and light city remixed by g_force! Another new lord dying song went up on revolver a while back take a listen here to"Wants mercy, a incredibly hot, grease stained mini epic within the portland metallurgists.Summon the faithless shoot out on july 9 on relapse, and will engulf all it encompases in unholy flames.Lord dying plays a unlock show that night at the white owl social club.They could play there again for mfnw;Brian posehn is also on the bill for that demonstrate, which will be awesome heavy metal shows could always use a bit more comedy in my opinion. Unknown mortal orchestra is one of the only bands in everyone around you that could pull this off:A protective cover of otis redding's"(Sittin' upabout)The dock throughout the bay, that overfamiliar chestnut was recorded by umo at a bbc session in gatwick last year, and as a result ruban nielson co.Put redding and steve cropper's classic through their trademarked wringer of inner space psych.There's a sense of haze and gloom that is effective with the resigned feel of the song, and the turmoil subtly builds over their productivity.I'm not sure if this needed to exist, but i'm glad routines. Forked language by melville Here is a track from portland band melville, off their upcoming ep maquette, due out in sept.The band's ryan jacobs dropped us a line each of the news, combining"We've heard jason molina to grandad john misty, i definitely hear those foods and dishes, but melville has something entirely also on that point currently recently certainly present own on"Forked Pandora Bracelets Australia language, including a sense involving drama among the rich weave of guitars.Melville be in the alhambra theatre(In the tebbetts hang area)On friday, june 26 with fanno creek and the bevelers together with their new wednesday night series of free shows organized by theo craig. I'll end with a track from the new the rays city remix album, in which g_force dissected and reassembled all the songs from rad city's fine new full length, subjects in the median, and put together a different animal, displaying lots of local guest rappers and emcees.Let me reveal the"Culinary"Remix, with hearings by juicy j, blimp, and calvin valentines(That is certainly g_force's alter ego).Diverse animal officially comes out tomorrow, but you can stream the whole lot here(I'll embed it below additionally).Light city, on the other hand, are out while traveling and will be back home to play the wonder ballroom on friday, june 28.